HCCA Works to Reduce Tobacco Use

Tobacco use continues to be the number one health risk behavior!  Quitting tobacco use is the number one behavior change that can improve a person's health and the health of those around them including the lives of their pets.  Never starting is even better!

Given the negative health impacts of tobacco, it continues to be important to prevent exposure to smoke, prevent tobacco usel, and to provide supports to quit when people are ready to stop using tobacco products.

HCCA works with community partners to reduce tobacco use and exposure with three primary focuses

1) Reducing the impact of tobacco on our children by preventing youth tobacco use and exposure to secondhand and thirdhand smoke

2) Making it easier for people with mental health and substance use disorders to quit tobacco use with  tobacco-free policies, and increased skills to assess, refer and treat clients

3) Helping small businesses comply with smoke-free workplace laws

To do this, HCCA works with community partners to develop and strengthen smoke- or tobacco-free policies; links people to resources for quitting tobacco; and provides training and resources.

HCCA is also interested in expanding the number of smoke-free family events and smoke-free public places where children are present.  It's an interesting fact that by not seeing tobacco advertising, sales, or use helps children to never smoke.


For support with creating tobacco policies, finding tobacco treatment resources, or scheduling trainings on tobacco-related issues, contact April Hughes at a.hughes@hccame.org or 207-588-5401.