Data & Resources

Farm to School

National Farm to School Network - NF2SN website with lots of Farm to School resources.

Maine Farm to School Network District Representatives - One pager with contact information for Maine's eight district Farm to School representatives.

Maine Ag in the Classroom - Maine Ag in the Classroom website with grant opportunities and agricultural based curriculum linked to Maine's learning standards.

Maine School Garden Network - Maine School Garden Network website with interactive school garden map and school garden resources.

USDA Farm to School Census - Learn about schools that are participating in Farm to School across Maine and the country.

USDA Farm to School - USDA Farm to School website with lots of Farm to School resources.

Vermont FEED - Vermont FEED website with lots of Farm to School resources.

Reducing Wasted Food - prevention, food recovery, and composting

ReFED - Learn about the food waste problem and how to reduce it.

EPA Sustainable Food Management - Learn the issues and what you can do to help reach the goal of reducing food waste by 50% by 2030.

Natural Resources Defense Council - Strategies to waste less food.

Let's Glean! - USDA Gleaning toolkit.

Spoiler Alert! - Connecting food producers with food recovery and hunger relief organizations to get surplus food to those who need it most.

LeanPath - Food waste tracking system to reduce food waste costs and the environmental burden associated with food waste.

School Local Wellness Policies

CNR 2004 vs. HHFKA 2010 Requirements Comparison Chart - One page chart outlining local wellness policy requirements.

Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act 2010 - Complete HHFKA 2010 law language.

Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act 2010 Local Wellness Policies Final Rulemaking - Final guidance on updating and implementing school Local Wellness Policies.

Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act 2004 - Complete CNR 2004 law language.

Community Food Councils 

Mark Winne - Food Council guru Mark Winne's website with resources and a nationwide food council map.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for a Livable Future - Center for a Livable Futures' Food Policy Network site with research, resources, and opportunity to join their listserv.

HCCA's Local Food Scan & Community Food Council Development Report - HCCA's initial food scan results and summaries of several local forums to gauge interest in food council development.

Food Hubs

HCCA Food Hub Feasibility Study - Southern Kennebec County Food Hub Feasibility Study Results November 2013

National Good Food Network - National Good Food Network website with Food Hub resources including archived webinars.

USDA Agricultural Marketing Service - USDA Food Hubs website with Food Hub research and resources.