Class Schedule

Existing Class Schedule:

SNAP-Ed events are happening every day! For a calendar of SNAP-Ed events happening in Kennebec County, click here*. Event times and locations are available on the calander. To schedule your own SNAP-Ed event, or to sign up for an existing event, contact Rachael Reynolds at

*Note: This calendar shows SNAP-Ed events happening in all of Kennebec County, not just HCCA's service area of southern Kennebec County.


Host a Class:

HCCA's SNAP-Ed is always looking for places to host classes. Do you have a space that could hold up to 20 people and has at least one electrical outlet and a sink? If so, you have what is necessary to host a SNAP-Ed class. Contact Rachael Reynolds at 207-588-5032 or to find out more!